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Meet the guys behind the music.

Smooth Panda is Tim Culberson, an attorney by day (don’t hold that against him) and his friend Gerritt Tisdale, a ridiculously talented recording engineer/beats maker/producer. They are two of the biggest nerds you’ll ever meet. They became friends while working on another music project in 2017.

Tim invited Gerritt over to his house to help him set up his home studio. Gerritt started playing around with some beats that night. Tim sat listening. A melody hit Tim and lyrics started flowing. They wrote their first song– Addiction – before they had a clue what was happening.

Tim and Gerritt have this crazy symmetry in their styles and musical background. They both love soul, R&B, hip hop, funk with an 80’s flavor. They had a blast writing Addiction. So they decided to keep writing.

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What's up with the name?

So how did they decide on “Smooth Panda” as their name? There has to be some irony involved since it’s a duo of musical nerds. It turns out it was more randomness than anything else.

Tim and Gerritt were hanging out one day when Tim spotted a framed drawing of a panda with sunglasses sitting on Gerritt’s coffee table. “That looks like a smooth panda.” Tim astutely pointed out. Gerritt’s eyebrows went up. “That’s a cool band name.”

“Ok,”Tim replied. Smooth Panda was born!

A look behind the scenes of the "Addiction" video shoot

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